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Ouisteham, 6 juin 2014

lundi 18 août 2014, par Administrateur.
Mis à jour le jeudi 30 novembre 2017

Les élèves de la section euro ont participé aux cérémonies internationales de commémoration du 70e anniversaire du débarquement qui se sont tenues le 6 juin 2014 sur la plage de Ouistreham, en présence de nombreux chefs d’Etats. Voici leur récit en langue anglaise.

On the sixth of June two thousand and fourteen we (47 students from the european class and 4 teachers) went to Ouistreham to see the ceremonies celebrating the seventieth anniversary of the landing.
We left at nine o’clock but we arrived at half past twelve !! The roads were closed for safety reasons. We were hot but at the end, police officers escorted us to Ouistreham and we ate.

After lunch, we walked to the site of the ceremony . The different presidents, Kings and Queens arrived and François Hollande spoke about freedom and peace.

Then, we saw a show to remember the landing. There were different groups of people on the sand : one group represented the « Nazis » (dressed in black) and one group represented their victims. This show was moving.

« It was moving because we saw veterans. They were also moved : some were crying. » Emanuelle Terry.

« For me, the best moment was the firfeworks. They were beautiful and therfe were lots of colors. » Bruno Bauvy

« It was amazing because there were lots of people (veterans, presidents, kings and queens). » Mathilde Lesage and Théo L

« My favourite moment was when the people danced to celebrate frfeedom and the end of war. » Marie L


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